Vaccinated people who get COVID-19 might experience symptoms that are different from the unvaccinated



As the numbers of those who are getting vaccinated across the nation is decreasing the number of COVID-19 cases are increasing, after several months of low cases. Although more than 99.5 percent of the recent deaths and 97 percent of the hospitalized are among the unvaccinated there are breakthrough cases where vaccinated people are also getting infected, mainly with the delta variant. However, many of them are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms.


All the health experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and at the White House are requesting those who hesitate to take the vaccine to come forward and take it to prevent individual deaths and to safeguard their communities. The experts say that they now know that COVID deaths could be prevented if people got vaccinated.


The Zoe COVID symptom study found that there were similar symptoms between those who were vaccinated and those who were not. However, vaccinated people had fewer symptoms. The symptoms also lasted for a shorter duration. This data suggests that vaccinated people are recovering more quickly from a COVID-19 infection as the infection was less serious among them.


The app has current rankings of top 5 COVID symptoms after two doses, one dose or no dose of a COVID-19  vaccine


After 2 doses of a vaccine the top five symptoms include


  1. Headache
  2. Runny nose
  3. Sneezing
  4. Sore throat
  5. Loss of smell


After one dose of the vaccine the top five symptoms include


  1. Headache
  2. Runny nose
  3. Sore throat
  4. Sneezing
  5. Persistent cough


Top five symptoms among the unvaccinated include:


  1. Headache
  2. Sore throat
  3. Runny nose
  4. Fever
  5. Persistent cough


The CDC has listed these symptoms with the exception of sneezing. Symptoms have also been evolving as different variants of the coronavirus are appearing. Breakthrough COVID cases are rare and that might be the reason why the sneezing symptom has not been listed.


Although symptoms may have changed one fact remains the same — the vaccines available across the nation are offering protection and even the few among the vaccinated who have been infected by COVID-19 have experienced mild or no symptoms.


All the three vaccines available in the U.S.: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson are effective against COVID-19 and also against the variants and can prevent hospitalizations and death.


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