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    Watch: King Charles III is crowned at Westminster Abbey, celebrity guests attend the ceremony

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    King Charles III was formally crowned as the King of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland as well as the ceremonial head of the Commonwealth on Saturday, May 6. Dignitaries, royal members and global invitees including first lady Jill Biden attended the ceremony in London. It was the 40th coronation ceremony of a monarch at Westminster Abbey, in London.

    The U.K. is one among the few countries around the world that continues to hold lavish and traditional coronation ceremonies. The traditional ceremony has been taking place at Westminster Abbey since 1066. Both Charles and Camilla were formally crowned as King and Queen.

    Here are the details

    Procession from the Palace to the Abbey
    King Charles traveled from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey through The Mall. He took the same route on the Diamond Jubilee Coach along with Camilla and returned the same route on the Gold State Coach, and there was public viewing at The Mall and at Buckingham Palace for the balcony moment.

    King Charles III, now crowned King. Courtesy King Charles III

    Service at the Westminster Abbey
    The service began at 11 a.m. Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury delivered a liturgy.

    Recognition and Oath
    Senior royals including Prince William pledged their loyalty to King Charles.

    Anointing of the King
    King Charles was anointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. This ceremony took place behind a screen and it was only witnessed by the king, the archbishop and God.

    Charles was crowned with St. Edward’s Crown. After he was crowned King there were cries of “God Save the King”, both inside and outside Westminster Abbey. His wife Camilla was crowned Queen after his coronation.


    King Charles wore a lighter Imperial State Crown during the procession that marked his return to Buckingham Palace. There were gun salutes across the UK; at both land and sea. The Abbey bells rang across Westminster for two minutes. Thousands, who were gathered at the Mall popped corks as they celebrated the coronation on the streets of London.

    The Reception
    King Charles and Queen Camilla are hosting a reception at Buckingham Palace.

    The Balcony Moment
    King Charles III, Queen Camilla and senior royal family members including the Prince and Princess of Wales Prince Willian, Princess Catherine and their children. Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Sophie appeared on the balcony. Prince Harry reportedly did not appear on the balcony.

    After pledging allegiance to King Charles, Prince William kisses his father #Coronation. Courtesy King Charles III

    The finale of the grand coronation ceremony included a flypast by aircrafts from the Royal Air Force (RAF), the British Army and the Royal Navy. The aircraft lit the grey skies with red, white and blue. The flypast was scaled back due to inclement weather. The Ministry of Defence confirmed that the scaling back was due to “unsuitable weather conditions.”

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    Some of the celebrity guests who attended the coronation included the following:

    First lady Jill Biden and her granddaughter Finnegan
    French president Emmanuel Macron
    First lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska
    Prime Minister of the U.K. Rishi Sunak
    Actress Emma Thompson
    American singer Katy Perry and many others.

    Although King Charles waited for several decades to become the King, he and many loyal subjects must have also remembered their beloved Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, on this historic day. About 2,200 people were at Westminster Abbey and thousands of people lined up at The Mall. The Mall almost directly connects Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey.

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    King Charles III coronation invitation calls wife ‘Queen Camilla”, first lady Jill Biden to attend May event


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