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Celebrity rapper Kanye West says IRS put “$75 million on hold” on his banks accounts

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On Monday, celebrity rapper Kanye West appeared on a podcast where he claimed that the IRS had frozen millions of dollars in four of his accounts as he owed the nation taxes. He mentioned his financial situation in a podcast, on Monday. He said that he was not worried about the financial future of his children as their “baby mama” his ex-wife Kim Kardashian had money. Reality star and business owner Kim Kardashian is roughly worth $1.8 billion, according to reports.

Ye, as he is now called, appeared on the right-wing Timcast IRL podcast, on a Monday night episode. He told host Tim Poole that his “finance people” said that the rapper had to pay a lot of taxes. He said that he found out that $75 million was frozen in four of his accounts.

The rapper who was formerly called Kanye, added that it took him about six hours to find out that he owed $50 million in taxes. He said that he was actually learning how to run a company and more about its financial aspects.


Ye said that he was trying to buy a bank and also mused if he could run for president from jail. The rapper had recently announced his bid for the 2024 elections but has not filed the paperwork, as yet. He has announced his campaign through videos called “YE24” and also “Mar-a-Lago debrief” in which he spoke about his dinner with former President Donald Trump at his Florida residence.

Kanye also mentioned that he thought that God was “breaking him down” by taking away his riches. He said that his children would be fine as their “baby mama” Kim Kardashian was rich.

Ye walked away from the podcast, when he was questioned about an anti-semitic remark he made by podcast host Pool.

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Kanye West has been canceled by business partners and friends for his anti-semitic remarks. Some of the major companies who dropped him or his accounts include the following:
JP Morgan and more.

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