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Baldwin shooting Hutchins Update: DA says, ‘ready’ to file charges again four including celebrity

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On Thursday, October 2021, an accidental shooting took place at the New Mexico set of western film Rust. Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was shot in the stomach while director Joel Souza was grazed on the shoulder by the same bullet fired from an antique gun, allegedly a prop gun with blanks, by celebrity Alec Baldwin. The District Attorney recently said that her office was ‘ready’ to file charges against four persons.

Assistant director Dave Halls shouted “cold” before handing the gun to celebrity Baldwin. The gun was reportedly checked for blanks by armorer on set Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. However, the antique gun, reportedly a Colt, had a live bullet that hit both Hutchins and Souza. Halyna Hutchins was taken to a hospital in New Mexico but lost her life due to injuries, while Joel Souza recovered. The movie shooting was canceled and an investigation was opened by the District Attorney’s office in Santa Fe County.

Image Credit Instagram

According to reports, DA Mary Carmack Altwies recently wrote a letter to the State Board of Financing and asked for $635,000 to prosecute four people. She also said that she was definitely considering murder charges, along with charges of weapons offenses. She asked for this huge amount as she said that one of the defendants could possibly be celebrity Alec Baldwin. The state sanctioned $317,000 for the DA’s office to appoint a special prosecutor.

Although Alec Baldwin acknowledged that it was a gut wrenching accident, he said that he didn’t pull the trigger. He also said that it was called a cold gun (no live ammunition) and so he believed that there were no live bullets before the gun fired and a fatal shot killed the young cinematographer.

Celebrity Alec Baldwin has always maintained his innocence and said that he didn’t pull the trigger and has questioned how a live bullet was present in the gun. The family of Halyna Hutchins also brought a lawsuit against armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed as she was the armorer on the set of the western Rust.

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Baldwin shooting Hutchins update: Lawyer calls Alec’s conduct ‘shameful’ for blaming Halyna

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