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Have celebrity couple Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde split? Sources call it an amicable decision

Shutterstock Kathy Hutchins & Debby Wong

After two years of togetherness celebrity couple English singer Harry Styles and popular Los Angeles director Olivia Wilde have reportedly split. Multiple sources have confirmed that the couple who worked together on the film Don’t Worry Darling are no longer together as they had different priorities that kept them busy. All of the sources also also confirmed that the split was amicable.

The 29-year old singer and the 38-year old director met at the movie set of Don’t Worry Darling where Wilde was the director. They were linked together in January 2021. They made public appearances together but neither did they officially confirm that they were together nor will they officially confirm that they have split.

The reasons for the split are similar to many other couples who have different priorities and families. Olivia Wilde lives in Los Angeles and has custody of the children she had with ex-fiancé Jason Sudeikis.

The former One Direction singer Harry Styles who lives across the pond is busy touring and is unable to maintain a relationship easily. His two-year relationship with celebrity director Olivia Wilde is said to be the longest relationship he has ever been in.

The “As It Was” singer has time and again maintained that he likes to keep his personal life away from the glare of the media and has mentioned it in an interview with Rolling Stone where he said that it “benefited” him “positively”, when he didn’t publicly talk about his life that was away from his work.

The Booksmart director had also told Vanity Fair why she preferred to keep details of her romantic life private. Celebrity Olivia Wilde said, “I think once you crack open the window, you can’t then be mad when mosquitoes come in.”

Although there is no confirmation about the split from the celebrity duo, one remark that was confirmed by multiple sources was that celebrity singer Harry Styles and celebrity director Olivia Wilde parted amicably and are friends and will remain friends.

Joint appearances, mutual support for each other’s activities and some PDA was the way the two celebrity stars–singer Harry Styles and director Olivia Wilde were seen as a couple these past couple of years. Now separate appearances might mark their split.

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