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Katie Hobbs wins Arizona governor election, defeats Trump endorsed Kari Lake

Courtesy Katie Hobs Twitter

The Arizona gubernatorial election result has been called and Democrat Katie Hobbs has won the race beating Republican Kari Lake. Former television anchor Kari Lake had been endorsed by former president Donald Trump as she had also questioned the results of the 2020 elections, whereas Katie Hobbs became the Secretary of State, in Arizona, in 2018 and decided to run for governor in this election cycle. Republican Governor Doug Ducey was unable to run the race as he was term prohibited.

The Associated Press called the Arizona gubernatorial elections in favor Katie Hobbs as the latest release of votes from Maricopa County could not be breached by Kari Lake and there weren’t enough votes left for Lake to overtake Hobbs.

Arizona remained a Republican stronghold till the time of the Trump era. Trump endorsed candidates have lost in the state. Kathie Hobbs has become the first Democrat to win the state, since 2009 when Janet Napolitano was the governor.

Katie Hobbs and Kari Lake ran very different campaigns. While Hobbs ran a cautious campaign, Lake turned it into a dramatic show as an election denier and filled it with conspiracy theories and accusations that couldn’t be substantiated.

Katie Hobbs refused to debate with Kari Lake as she felt that the TV anchor would make the debate a dramatic spectacle. Instead she believed that the voters of Arizona would decline to accept the narrative proposed by her opponent.

Kari Lake adopted a combative stance in her campaign. After winning the primaries she continued to spout the theory that the 2020 election results were questionable, similar to what was said by Donald Trump. This got her his endorsement but might have lost her some support of the well entrenched Republicans in the state. She also had a few verbal spats with journalists.


On Tuesday morning, Donald Trump alleged that there was fraud in the Arizona elections after his endorsed candidate Kari Lake lost the race to Democrat Katie Hobbs. Lake has also made a similar claim that is unproven. Meanwhile Katie Hobbs is expected to quietly continue with governance. On Tuesday morning, Donald Trump once again teased that there would be a major announcement, later in the day.

After her victory projection, Katie Hobbs posted on social media, “Democracy is worth the wait. Thank you, Arizona. I am so honored and so proud to be your next Governor.”

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