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Packers QB Aaron Rodgers gives his side on ‘Immunized’ comment on Covid-19

Over the weekend, Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. He explained the reasons behind his “immunized” against Covid-19 comment and indirectly blamed reporters for not asking follow-up questions. He spoke in a roundabout way about the whole issue but sort off accepted that his remarks could have been misread by fans and media.

Aaron Rodgers said that he knew that he would have to answer the questions if he contracted Covid-19 or if word got out; as he said that there were leaks everywhere in the NFL.

He added that he had contracted Covid-19 in late October, early November. He acknowledged that it was then that the “s – – – storm hit” and it was said that he had “endangered” his community as well as his teammates. He also noted that there was an attempt to take him down as well as his “word” and his integrity.”

Earlier, the Packers QB had said that he was allergic to an ingredient in the mRNA vaccine produced by both Pfizer and Moderna. He also mentioned the withdrawal of the Johnson & Johnson due to formation of blood clots as a reason for not taking a vaccine, although it was a temporary withdrawal.

Rodgers spoke of researching alternative treatments including an alternative strain but was unable to provide further details. He said that the NFL had denied his petition for a waiver and classified him as “an unvaccinated player.”

NFL investigated the breach of Covid protocols by the Green Bay Packers including non wearing of masks indoors by Rodgers and Allen Lazard. The players had appeared before a press conference, without masks. They also attended a team Halloween party without masks.

The NFL fined the Green Bay Packers $300,000 and Aaron Rodgers also had to pay a fine of $14,650. Other teams have also faced fines for breaking protocols set by the NFL.

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