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Viewer dilemma circles minds as The Mandalorian season ends




The second season of the space series The Mandalorian has been one of surprises. The nail-biting joy ride across the Star Wars world, the locations that one could recognize, the comeback of a badass, and the cameo of a previous hero was all rolled up into this impactful season, taking viewers to newer heights of the space experience.

This Star Wars franchise season has raised some queries. The closing scene where Grogu is wandering around, behaving like a baby, cuddling against Luke and finally taken away with R2-D2 makes audiences wonder if both Grogu and Mando have been separated forever.

Viewers are also wandering whether it is written in Grogu’s fate that Ben Solo will take his life. They wonder what would possibly happen to Mando as he had begun drifting away from the Mandalorian rules. Would the fact that Din Djarin had revealed himself out of his helmet mean that we will probably be seeing him in the next season as well? And of course, will there be a Season Three?

After the disappearance of Ahsoka, viewers had hoped to see her in the finale, but were disappointed and kept wondering what had happened to her. Similar feelings have surfaced for Greef Karga and Omera as well. Another germ of doubt has lodged in people’s minds is how Grogu got his name.

Ah, the family of frogs! Would people be able to see the frogs again? How on earth did Boba Fett stay alive and come out of the Sarlace pit is another dilemma. So is the mystery of the Darksaber. Will Bo-Katan wield it in Season 3?



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