Will Covid sufferers who lost their sense of smell and taste get it back?

One of the early symptoms of a Covid infection was the loss of smell and taste. A large population of the infected reported this particular symptom. However, this symptom was less prevalent during the omicron surge. Some patients who recovered from a coronavirus infection have not as yet recovered these senses and want to know when and if they will get it back.

According to research by King’s College, London, the loss of smell and taste after a Covid infection due to the omicron variant has been seen in less than 20 percent of those who have been infected by the coronavirus.

Research has shown that it takes time to get back these two senses but most people do get them back. Many people have got them back but some sufferers have not. The reason why it doesn’t come back is not as yet been explained by science. Some people got back these senses in a couple of weeks while it took a month for others. However, a certain percentage of the population have not got back these senses in several months.

In January 2021, the CovidQ website of MIT Medical which answers queries from those who have suffered from Covid infections or those who want any type of Covid information said that some people are experiencing an “ongoing loss of loss of smell and/ or taste” months after they have recovered from COVID-19.

The site also said that there was no treatment, as of now and there was no guarantee of recovery. Unfortunately, a large percentage of those who were infected in Europe and North America suffered from these symptoms. About 41 percent people self reported the symptoms. It is possible that a much large percentage showed mild olfactory disfunction when compared with “age and sex-matched controls.”

The site recommended a free download of a cookbook “Taste & Flavor” that had dishes that might stimulate the taste buds of those who were infected with COVID-19. It also mentioned that AbScent, a U.K. organization offered resources and guidance on smell training, including forums on Facebook.

The site also recommended appreciating other senses by listening to music, wearing comfortable clothes and more. It finally asked readers to be “kind to yourself” and to remember that they were “not alone.”

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