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From EIIR to CIIIR, monogram changes, Palace reveals new royal cypher of King Charles III

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As Great Britain sees the rise of a new monarch when King Charles III became the ruler, many changes have begun or will soon begin. Buckingham Palace revealed the new emblem of King Charles III. The new monogram consists of his initials C for Charles and R, with a three in between—CIIIR. The R stands for Rex, which means King in Latin. The earlier cypher was EIIR. The new monogram will appear on everything royal and more.

The monogram will be used in official mail and the ubiquitous red mail boxes as well as on stamps and currency, in the near future. The royal cypher will be used by government departments as well as by the Royal Household. It will appear on public buildings, street furniture and more.

Palace officials say that some places where the emblem will be featured may take place gradually but others will be more immediate such as the post mark on all mail leaving Buckingham Palace. From Tuesday, the postmark will have the new monogram of the letters C and R entwined with III in between. The crown on top has slight changes when used in Scotland, as it shows the Scottish crown.

All royal mourning for Queen Elizabeth ended on Monday. So, the new design, which the new monarch chose from many of those that were designed by the heraldry experts, the College of Arms, will see its official use beginning as a postmark and will gradually be adopted in all other places where the royal ensigns are used. Updates images of banknotes with the new monogram are expected to be released by the end of 2022.

King Charles III has already begun signing his name officially as “Charles R.” He used this new signature in official documents. He also used it on the note he left on his mother, Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin, during the funeral services.

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Charles becomes King of England, after decades of preparing himself for the role

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