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King Charles send thank you note and photo to fans who sent condolences on Queen’s death

Courtesy The Royal Family Twitter

King Charles III has sent messages to some of the royal fans who sent condolence messages to him after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. He honored his mother and spoke about his “immense sorrow” after her death. These notes were among his first few correspondences from the Sovereign and were stamped with his royal cypher.

HM Queen Elizabeth II Facebook

A royal fan shared the card received from Buckingham Palace, on social media. The message in the card thanked the person for sending thoughtful words that were “enormously comforting” and were “deeply appreciated” at the time of “immense sorrow.”

The note was signed Charles R. The R stands for Rex. In Latin, Rex means King. Queen Elizabeth also used to sign her correspondence as Elizabeth R. However, in her case, the R stood for Regina. In Latin, Regina means queen.

Courtesy The Royal Family Twitter

The card had the new imprint King Charles III—the CIIIR cypher. The cypher also had the royal crown of the Tudors. The cover design was simple and consisted of a black border and the royal cypher.

The inside of the card was endearing and a tribute to the Queen. It consisted of a photo taken in Balmoral, Scotland, in 1952. It shows a young Charles, who was about four years old, leaning out of a window, seeming to reach for something, while his mother Queen Elizabeth II is happily smiling as she stands behind him.

Courtesy The Royal Family Twitter

Balmoral Castle, in Scotland was one of the favorite residences of the Queen. The royal family spend summers in the Scottish estate. The Queen had also retired to her favorite home as she was suffering from ill health, despite putting a brave face in front of her subjects. She passed away peacefully at Balmoral, on September 8, surrounded by her family.

Buckingham Palace said that they had received more than 50,000 condolence letters and messages. They said that every letter would be carefully read. They would also reply to all the condolences received by them.

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