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Prince Albert tours Spain and Portugal, visits limestone caves on the death century of his namesake

Prince Albert II of Monaco is on a tour of neighboring countries Spain and Portugal following in the footsteps of his great-grandfather, the late Prince Albert, after whom he was named. Prince Albert passed away on June 26, 1922, at the age of 73. The 64-year old prince visited a historic site of underground caves in Northern Spain, which was of utmost importance to the late Prince Albert. Prince Albert II delivered a speech to the cave areas of Puente Viesgo town, to mark 100 years since the passing of Prince Albert. Earlier, he also attended a private lunch hosted by King Felipe of Spain.

The late Prince Albert served in the Spanish Navy. He was decorated with the French Legion Order of Honor as he had served in the Franco-Prussian War before he inherited the throne of Monaco, when he was 41-years old.

De gauche à droite : Mme Raquel Yotti Alvarez, Secrétaire Générale du Ministère des Sciences et de la Recherche, M. Javier Moreno Fuentes, Vice Président du CSIC, M. Javier Tomas Ruiz Segura, Directeur de l’Institut Espagnol d’Océanographie et S.E. Mme Catherine Fautrier, Ambassadeur en Espagne.

Prince Albert I was an avid oceanographer. He completed 28 sea and ocean expeditions in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Albert developed the first maps that measured the depth s of the oceans of the world, with his team of scientists such as biologists and zoologists as well as geographers.

Palais Princier de Monaco – Prince’s Palace of Monaco

He visited the cave areas of Puente Viesgo in 1909 and 1914. Four of the 18 limestone caves in the region received World Heritage Status, after his patronage and the people in the region remember his help in making the site an area of international interest. One of the caves El Castilo contains the world’s oldest cave painting. It is said to date back 40,000 years ago.

Prince Albert is also fondly remembered by the Portuguese. He discovered a small shelf around the Azores archipelago. This boosted the fishing industry in Portugal. The country calls the shelf “Princess Alice’s shelf”, in his honor. The ship in which the Prince Albert navigated the region was called Princess Alice.

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