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Lula makes fantastic comeback in Brazil elections, Bolsonaro remains silent

After a bitterly fought and extremely divisive election, Brazilians have finally voted in Lula da Silva as the next president of Brazil. Jair Bolsonaro remains silent and has not as yet conceded. Left leaning Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva beat far-right Jair Bosonaro, in the presidential election in the nation with 50.9 percent of the votes.

Lula’s strategy to create a “unity” ticket as Brazil is reeling under losses due to the pandemic and an unprecedented level of poverty has resulted in his Workers Party getting votes from those who might not have voted for him in the past.

Lula began his victory speech saying, “They tried to bury me alive and here I am.” The former president (2003 to 2010) had been jailed in 2018 but his conviction was thrown out. He had been the favorite in the opinion polls but his lead in the first round was smaller than expected.

In his speech, he also spoke of governing for all Brazilians. He said that the country needed peace and unity and that the population didn’t “want to fight anymore.”

There are bitter divisions in Brazil as Bolsonaro’s followers consider Lula to be a “thief” and say that the annulment of his conviction occurred as the legal proceedings were not proper. He will face a tough presidency ahead as the majority in Congress are lawmakers who are close to Bolsonaro.

Leaders from across the world congratulated Lula on his victory. Environmental activists had been closely watching the elections as there has been huge degradation of the Amazon rainforests in the past few years in the name of developmental activities.

Lula addressed these issues in his victory speech. He said that he was “open to international cooperation to protect the Amazon.”

Lula also promised to tackle the hunger issue. In his earlier terms, he had helped in hunger issues by improving the economic conditions of millions of poor Brazilians. However, Brazil is suffering from economic issues due to the pandemic and a hostile congress will make it tougher for him to address poverty in Brazil.

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